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NLawProud: Hon. Dean Hansell (JD ’77)

Not only did California Superior Court Judge, Hon. Dean Hansell (JD ’77), co-found the west coast chapter of GLAAD, he is one of only 17 openly gay judges of the 430 on the Los Angeles Superior ...

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NLawProud: Courtney Armstrong (BA ’93, JD-MBA ’97)

Courtney Armstrong (BA ’93, JD-MBA ’97), executive vice president for world business affairs at Warner Brothers Pictures, combined his Northwestern degrees with his lifelong passion for movies to ...

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NLawProud: J.B. Pritzker (JD ’93)

J.B. Pritzker (JD ’93) discusses the importance of giving back.

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NLawProud: Professor Juliet Sorensen

Juliet Sorensen, Harry R. Horrow Professor in International Law with the Bluhm Legal Clinic’s Center for International Human Rights, created the Access to Health Project, bringing together ...

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NLawProud: Gina Chen (JD ’17)

Gina Chen (JD ’17), who grew up visiting her grandparents in the Chinese countryside, worked with teammates from the Kellogg School of Management and McCormick School of Engineering in an ...

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NLawProud: Donna Haddad (JD ’95)

From supporting a 40-country region from her office in Dubai, to working with the team teaching Watson Arabic, Donna Haddad’s (JD ’95) career with IBM has brought surprises and ...

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Sunil Harjani (JD ’00) & Priya Harjani (JD ’00)

Sunil and Priya Harjani (JD ’00) met at Northwestern Law orientation. Fifteen years later, they were both winning headline-making cases.

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